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Adirondack Chair - Item #202

Seating - Adirondack Chair - Item #202 - Season 2

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36"h x 31"w x 34"l

Our measured drawings and video copies of this venerable project have now been exhausted, but because of significent improvements made to the original project we are now substituting the new DVD version called The Adirondack Trio #0810. This new version combines Norm's latest improvements to this old favorite.


Norm travels to the Museum of the Adirondacks near Blue Mountain Lake, New York, to inspect a collection of rustic furniture, including a variety of Adirondack chairs. Extracting the best features from each of these chairs, Norm designs his own version built of cypress, an excellent outdoor wood that needs no preservatives or treatment. A project that relies heavily on the band saw to shade its many curved pieces, the Adirondack chair requires no fancy joinery, it's fastened together exclusively with screws, nails and nuts and bolts.

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